Can you provide an example of your work with a client?

As a prelude to founding Sharper Sales Solutions, Dave Sharp began working with Votum Technology Group of Allen, TX in early 2014. Votum is a small technology services and consulting firm with an expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT) particularly sensors, RFID, GPS, mobility solutions and data analytics. While the company was nine years old, profitable and successful, they had never had a professional sales leader or sales
function. Dave stepped in to serve as Chief Sales Officer on an interim basis.

Dave came to us at Votum at a time when we didn’t have a professional sales function and our pipeline had eroded. Working closely with myself and the executive team, he quickly got us on track with a focused sales strategy and implemented sales operations, tracking and reporting capabilities. He encouraged us to update our website and promotional materials to reflect current trends in the IoT space and even wrote substantial content. And ultimately he rebuilt our pipeline by reaching out to both previous clients and new logos through his networking and a well-executed campaign. Dave is a strong sales leader and I have no doubt that Sharper Sales Solutions can be a big help to other SMB companies like mine.”

- Jack Dowling, Founder and CEO, Votum Technology Group